Hen Heat Hut & Waterer

Ha! What a catchy name for the ladies. We actually have other pictures shown on our May 2014 blog post but we knew that it would be better to have pics here so we added them too! Rafe loves his new perch and doesn’t mind sharing it with the birds! They love it by the way, ever since we showed them where and what it was. It’s a great way for them to have cover from the heat and predators flying above, although that rarely happens in our backyard. We repurposed free wooden pallets and stapled on coffee burlap bags purchased for $2 each from the warehouse at Texas Coffee Traders; across from Habitat in Austin, Texas. Stop in for an amazing free sample there when you grab your bags and get your hand on a variety of some of the best coffee beans ever from all over the world and from Texas. The free range waterer can be relocated to any area.
DSC00401 Davin stapling the burlap down to the frame Downward Dog DSC00365 Spring Projects from Afar Make your own free range feeder! Free Range Waterer Easy to move free range water feeder Rafe on the new heat hut. Let your free range animals find shade from the sun!