Thankful Volunteering

Urban Roots Promotes Growth through Volunteerism in the Austin Community


I must admit, what I love the most about volunteering on organic farms is learning what other people are doing, meeting new faces, sharing ideas, reflecting on lessons in life, and if your lucky, getting some complimentary produce for your efforts at the end of your shift. This farm is just off 183 S; loop around the Balm exit and it’s tucked back around some curves that eventually turn into Delwau Lane. The farm is on just a small plot of land with well established and maintained rows. Megan assisted volunteers; there were 8 by mid morning. She even held a t-shirt drawing for volunteers at the end of the shift which I think is just another fantastic way to give back even more! I had the pleasure of meeting a great gal originally from Vermont today who shared an equally fulfilling conversation with me right from the start. It’s hard finding women to connect with who don’t live states away so hopefully we will keep in touch!

If you are looking for a great way to meet others who share the same interests as you, volunteer on a local farm who invites volunteers. Urban Roots only asks for 3 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays which isn’t long at all. Urban Roots not only assists in the developmental and educational growth of urban youth in Austin but helps strengthen communities through their farm volunteerism program! I will definitely return. I had a wonderful time and experience. As an added bonus I was able to glean a few more peppers for canning tonight! Davin will be happy I can add a few more into his hot sauce too!

Thank you Urban Roots for a genuine experience. Glad I volunteered my time and efforts. For more information on how you can help Urban Roots thrive check them out online at or Give to Urban Roots by volunteering or donating. Photo shown from Urban Roots Website.