Late Bloom

Late Bloom’s Mission : Promote Sustainability in America through Community Outreach.
INTRO: Change happens over time. Through people we meet, food we eat, methods we practice, seeds we nurture, projects we build, hearts we touch, children we teach, knowledge we spread, trees we plant, waste we recycle, scraps we compost, farms we support, communities we develop, minds we challenge, resources we conserve, choices we make, spirituality we have, ecosystems we protect, water we cherish, habitats we help and inspiration we give. Adventures can lead us to our truest being and social outreach can make all the difference.
  • WHY WE CARE: “After volunteering on behalf of numerous small businesses and nonprofit organizations I have decided to propel my energies and passion for life into a dream that combines helping others with helping them to live better. Thus has spawned my enthusiasm for preserving the greatest things in life; what is simple; what is pure; what is true; what keeps on giving; what helps us grow; what is natural; what is good; what is altruistic and healthy; what makes us smile; what lives can we inspire; what lives can we change; what America can we make beautiful? It has always been my dream to change the world. Why not start by singing with emphasis, the last line of the National Anthem, “the land of the free, and the home of the brave.” Just because we’re late bloomers doesn’t mean that we can’t impact change and learn now. -Kristin Kay
  •  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO PROMOTE CHANGE: Please join us as we impact America by helping to change lives as we reduce our American footprint on the world. We can collectively live more sustainably and help others to live better. This can start in your own backyard or neighborhood, the town or city you grew up in, your family homestead, at your church or school, or even at a local park.  The possibilities are endless. By giving back locally we help our community grow and inspire others to do the same. By combining traditional methods established by our ancestors while introducing innovative ideas we can collaboratively pave a brighter and greener future.
  • LONG TERM GOAL: Our goal is to inspire, promote and help propel communities throughout the U.S. to be more self sufficient. This website is an ongoing work in progress and hopefully will allow people to learn about what others are doing locally to progressively help communities bloom. Our goal is to have a forum that allows people to communicate with others in order to generate ideas. The website will also have a directory of useful American resources stumbled upon, related to rustic rural, urban living and all things green. There will be room to grow and advertise. There will be regular blog updates and information on food; outdoor projects; permaculture; volunteer projects; food to table movement; farmers markets; pick your own opportunities; homesteading; educational advancements in sustainable futures; vision/hearing resources to help improve learning capabilities; outdoor adventures in nature; alternative resources; magazine/newspaper/literature reviews on related topics; community projects; woofing it; recycling; reducing waste; reusing goods; local outreach programs available; composting; gardening; rain harvesting; etc. 
  • KEYS TO SUCCESS: Through the use of social media, website development, online directories, sustainable forums, farmers markets, supporting volunteer outreach programs, and community networking, we hope to impact future generations as well as bridge our heritage gap. We hope to teach enough about living sustainably within one’s community, so that change happens and transforms lives. Thus insuring the preservation of our lands natural resources; improving the developmental growth of our children so that they can make better choices moving forward; generating the spread of an economic boost fueled by supporting American products and local resources; choosing to buy produce from local American farmers; getting to know what other American families are doing at home to become more prosperous; building new relationships with small businesses that provide goods we need; bartering useful items; supporting America’s veterans; these are only some of the ideas that can help to preserve mankind and life as we know it.