Heads up local Austinites, your place to go is right around the corner. Learn to make beer, cheese, and wine with the help of Austin Homebrew Supply also known as AHS.

We have recently brewed three beers from home. We teamed up with our neighbor to begin our own Friendly Neighbor Beers starting with an AHS Budget IPA to the exact recipe and found that the longer it sat the better it tasted. AHS Budget Kolsch we let ferment for an extra week and has been the perfect summer beer for Texas heat! We just did a second AHS Budget IPA and in the last 5 minutes of boil time we used 1 oz of Falconers Flight Hops (AHS blended hop) to match our hoppy tastebuds.

Take this silicone pint to your favorite local brewhouse if they allow you to bring your own pint glass, in.gredients does and only sports local brews. Although they have a slim selection of brews on tap you’ll be pleased to become part of their community and their beers alternate often. Don’t worry about the pint breaking because it bounces. These pints help support and promote the local Austin Homebrewing Supply business however they were made in China, something that we try to avoid.