Bumblebees & Birds


Sometimes the best things that grow in your garden are the biggest surprises. Like this Peppermint Zinnia with a streak of solid red. How unique and beautiful it is. The butterflies and bumblebees love it too! We haven’t seen honey bees much this summer but we sure have a ton of bumblebees, butterflies, hornets, and wasps. They haven’t disturbed us and seem to be working along with the garden spiders, praying mantis, and lady bugs, so we’re ok with that. Having great flowers like Maximillion Sunflowers that multiply in tens and butterfly weed, are essential to your garden landscape. We love having birds around too and were blessed with another great birdhouse to add to our gardens.

DSC00701 DSC00700 DSC00699 DSC00702 DSC00635 DSC00664 Birds and Bugs

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