• (Anctil and Fthenakis 2012)

    How a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Measures Up With Energy Flows For Our Food System

    Figure 1. Life Cycle Assessment (Anctil and Fthenakis 2012). Understanding methodologies in calculating the energy flows of food systems is an essential part of making systems more sustainable and efficient. Is a good tool to measure the environmental…

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  • IMG_20160317_235856[1]

    Cover Crops for Central Texas

    Three cover crops that are perfect for the soil in the Blackland Prairies ecoregion in Central Texas, include buckwheat, peas, and crimson clover. The benefits of peas and clover cover crops include adding nitrogen back into the soil. Peas…

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  • Cotton Fields in Texas 2015

    The Dust Bowl Demanded Sustainable Agriculture

    Our first records of weather tracking from the U.S. Weather Bureau were from 1898 for relative humidity, winds and temp. It wasn’t until radiosonde initiatives were launched in 1938 that we were able to test temperature,…

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  • 20160121_212329

    If You Plant You Will Grow

    January, the time when we plan new beginnings. I hope this year, your new beginnings include growing plants! Now is the time to be ordering seeds, here are a few companies that you may like! Mother…

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  • July 11, 2015

    Mid Summer Garden

    Well I don’t think I can ever get caught up in the backyard these days! My gardens have become so large that I’m constantly cultivating the soil! It seems as if just as I’ve finished one thing,…

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  • Grow your own veggies for the quickest way to achieve food security, nutrition benefits, and know where your food comes from. Picture of  radishes from my garden and Rebuilding the Foodshed book by the director of MSFS at Green Mountain College where I attend graduate school. Book by Philip Ackerman-Leist.

    SNAP, WIC, and Nutrition Build Community Based Food Systems and Food Security

    Turning community supported agriculture into agriculture-supported community would allow community food security to thrive within the local food movement (Ackerman-Leist 2013). Community food security targets the local population and strives to, “make healthy, fresh food available to…

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  • 20150227_164238

    Spring Fever!

    Here in Texas we’ve experienced spring weather for quite some time. You can really tell it’s spring when all the plants are blooming like crazy and there is green growth everywhere! My lemon balm is crazy…

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  • Seed from Thayer Feed and Seed in Thayer, Kansas

    Benefits of Using the Polyface Farm Model in Central Texas

    Organic Red Hard Wheat growing in our largest garden bed and planted as the first crop to build the soil! We purchased this seed from Thayer Feed and Seed LLC  at the Mother Earth News Fair…

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  • Texas Gulf Coastline, Freeport

    Spring Ahead Locavores!

    Spring ahead and become a locavore (Strolling of the Heifers, Inc. 2014)! But apparently Texas is last on the locavore index according to this Vermont organization. Although it’s slightly outdated too, but Vermont is a tiny state…

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  • Late Bloom America Homestead

    Support these Organic Farms to Help Transform Our Foodshed

    My bioregion has a lot of growth opportunities and has made great strides within our local foodshed. The biggest sustainable access that anyone can have in relation to their local foodshed is to grow their own produce, like…

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  • 20141123_140448

    Moral Persuader

    Greetings!  It’s been such a long time. So let’s catch up. Well I’m almost done with my second graduate class at Green Mountain College in Vermont. Love the program, Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems….

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  • swallowtail

    Missing Emma

    As we bury our fifth chicken we can’t help but feel loss. She was such a pleasure to watch frolicking on her own, catching grasshoppers, eating grapes, scratching in the dirt… Our backyard hens provide entertainment,…

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  • Peppermint Zinnia

    Bumblebees & Birds

    Sometimes the best things that grow in your garden are the biggest surprises. Like this Peppermint Zinnia with a streak of solid red. How unique and beautiful it is. The butterflies and bumblebees love it too!…

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  • Blueberry Picking

    Summertime Primetime

    And the livin’s easy…actually far from it! Especially if you know us and our ridiculous determination. My 35th birthday was amazing! Thank you everyone for your thoughtful wishes and splendid gifts of joy and blessings! I received a…

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  • Teaching others how to trim a chickens beak.

    May Moments Bring Us Joy

    Another Wednesday at the Manor Farmers Market. I met quite a few wonderful people today! I always enjoy engaging conversations with others who are involved in similar projects and experiments at home. We were talking citrus and…

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  • Butterfly Garden

    Lady Bug Life

    Well it’s Friday. Another week nearing completion. It’s a mighty windy day. The chickens are dodging one another in the shadows and drift ever so slightly. That’s yarrow growing in my first butterfly garden bed. It’s…

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  • IMAG2993

    Spring Projects

    Happy Spring!      For us spring=crazy projects outdoors. This is because it’s simply too hot in the summer to be motivated outside and if we are working on projects when it’s hot out, you’ll find…

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  • gulf seaweed

    Spring Fever=Ag+Edu+Bees+Onion Sprouting+Garden Seed Start Smarts

    I seriously need to get with the program. Full swing in Grad school continuing my sustainability studies and ready for the semester to be over! Did I say that out loud? 9 credit hours was too…

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  • A piece of art I made

    Has it really been that long?! Catching Up with New Year Recommendations

    MISS YOU! As an overachiever by nature, I didn’t realize that my needing to post an update to our blog was so outdated! It’s been on my neverending list of to dos. I actually have piles of topics…

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  • DSC08478

    Midwestern Travels in 10 days

    Well it’s been a week since our return from our fall adventure in the midwest. Davin bought a 92′ GTI in Ohio, we drove to Michigan, went to Hillsdale County Fair and scored some great bee…

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